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Hockeytown Makeover In Order

This is what happens when you have a team of skill but no hunger.

The 2011-12 Detroit Red Wings took their early out of their 21st consecutive playoff appearance with a run that may have just been a sweep by the Nashville Predators.

What the Red Wings have in skill they completely lacked in heart. I would not go as far as say the Dead Wing Era has returned but if things keep going this way they it just might. There was no hunger, no passion, no emotion at all from the machine that is the Detroit Red Wings.

Cycle. Cycle. Cycle.

That is what we witnessed in these five games. All Cycle no shoot.

It has been said so many times that it has become a cliché but you're going to miss all the shots you don't take; and if no one is there to knock in the rebound that Pekka Rinne gives up… guess what that is not going to go in either.

Bringing in new assistant coaching was suppose to bring in new ideas for the team. Becoming lackluster just is not going to win anything.

More should have been done at the trade deadline. Getting Kyle Quincey back was fantastic… if racking up penalty minutes was the objective.

Why is it the playoffs start and now the Red Wings can not keep themselves out of the penalty box? Stupid plays. Johan Franzen played stupid the entire series. Why are is he getting paid what he is? The excuse was for his playoff performance. Well holy crap ya'all that was horrible.

It is not a coincidence that the only game Detroit won was the one where they were heated. When they hated Nashville for Shea Weber's attack on Henrik Zetterberg. I am not going to go into that incident we all have beat that horse to death; but game two the Red Wings came out hungry and they won.

Remember when the Red Wings were the team to go to because they would rally for a player? When they played their hearts out to win that cup in 2008 for Dallas Drake before he retired.

They could not do that for Tomas Holmstrom and possibly Nicklas Lidstrom? Really? Drake meant more to them than these two that have spent their entire careers making the team what it is (or was) for these "youngsters".

The team needs an update. Get rid of the stubron jackass we call the Mule, get a goal scorer. Honestly since losing Marian Hossa to the Blackhawks the Red Wings still have not found themselves a snipper. Players can cycle the puck all they want, but unless they shoot it they are not going to score.

Keep Darren Helm, Keep Patrick Eaves in your thoughts and hope he is okay for next season. Detroit missed both of them dearly in the playoffs.

Keep Nicklas Kronwall though odds are he is injured again as he did not "Kronwall" anyone this series (odds are it would have been a 4-5 game suspension anyway).

Keep Howard but find him a good partner. Not a back up but a good goaltending tandem where the goalies push one another; not where one self destructs.

Keep the Euro Twins. Pavel Datsyuk and Henrik Zetterberg probably should have played on the same line together a little more when nothing was frickin' working.

Keep Bertuzzi since he is the only one willing to use his size.

The Central Division is getting younger, full of players that are hungry to get their chance at the cup and to take down everyone that stands in their way.

Especially the old measuring stick Red Wings.

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#ShannyBarTheDoorToTheNURSERY PLEASE CONSIDER one concept: Better to get skateblades to the arm, The Office Of Bettman's Safety, questions about the world's perfect man and early tee times on the links, than hold a Gary Glitter royalty $$ jam every time your team scores.

I spoke to a PRist @PredsNHL on Apr16 to 'splain that "Rock N Roll Pt II" was the equivalent of a #CHILDpredsTELETHON for Gary Glitter in royalty $$. From a team called the Preds, what classy move comes next? #GrahamJamesNite at Bridgestone™ Arena? The NE Patriots best begin seeking a new tune, too, I believe.

I have little disagreement with your personnel observations..but I gotta take a step back, take a week or two in gratitude, remembering all of the incredible hockey of the last coupla decades. Even though I haven't had cable TV since 2010, Ken and Paul on my cell have kept me right in it. And listening to the REST o' the league's announcers has made me even MORE grateful for an informed love of the game, and a sportsmanship that APPRECIATES EVEN OPPOSING PLAYERS' WORK. Brilliant!

Babcock's post game chats are priceless..yet invoke no dictators, scandal, BLAMESTORMING nor whining. I already can't wait for next year!

Nonetheless, my hockey joy isn't over til the whiny troll bleats: "the Stanley Cup goes to.." Will it be: " That's PRESIDENT SEABASS TO YOU, Gary. Get me a beer!" again? Hmmm..

We Red Schwings fans have had an embarassment of hockey riches for so long that THAT'S become a kind of joke: "Who do ya think owns the team, Mike and Marian?!" Ha!

My teenager knows nothing first-hand of Grind Lines, Goose Loonies, Goodwill Games defections, limo crashes, "What the hell's a coke mill?!", stick tape "A"s, or the GENIUS of The Kronk UPPERCUT..though I HAVE already mentioned them a thousand times or two. ;D

Godspeed and Rawk on

Posted by Madre_J_eh on 4/21/2012 at 8:53 AM


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