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Renaming the Whalers

Now that it has been announced that the OHL’s Plymouth Whalers are heading to Flint for next season (pending OHL Board of Governor approval next month) talk as turned to what will the new team be called?


Plymouth Whalers To Start 2015-16 Season In Flint

Announced today was the sale of the Plymouth Whalers (OHL) to Rolf Nilsen and IMS Hockey Corp. pending OHL Board of Governors approval (set to meet February 2nd). IMS Hockey Corp. recently purchased the Perani Arena in Flint, Michigan and is set to put millions into the revitalization of the arena which was once a hot spot for sports and entertainment for Flint and Genesee County.


Red Wings go from being the Dead Things to seeing what the East brings

This season has seen it all. Another lockout. The first post-Lidstrom era season. No chemistry to players disappearing after not being able to shut their mouths to the media. About 3 dozen defensemen and nearly as many rookies.

Zetterberg’s era dawning…

Wings fans should be proud.


If A Red Wing Rookie Makes History Will Anyone Know? Boobs Take Over Red Wing Social Media Coverage

I was going to write a post today about how great it is to see the youth movement in Detroit coming up big in the playoffs. The new era is shifting well though its growing pains. Gustav Nyquist made NHL history when he became the first rookie to record his first two playoff points both in overtime (goal, assist - two different games for those that were all "huh?")


Detroit Makes It 22 On Quest To Make It 12

April in the D is almost over; but hopefully that does not mean Johan Franzen is done playing.

April is when the Mule finally decides to wake up and play some hockey and he did not disappoint in that fashion yet again.


The Slow Death of Hockey in Flint

About an hour north of Hockeytown Flint, Michigan sits as a slowly dying hockey area.

Born in Flint and raised in a small town, and by small I mean one stop light at the time small town, outside of Flint I can remember as a kid the excitement of going to what was then the Flint IMA to see the … again THEN Flint Generals.


Winter Classic 2014: Red Wings, Maple Leafs Division Rivals Once Again

Officially Official once again.

That’s right once again the NHL has announced that the Detroit Red Wings will play host to the Toronto Maple Leafs for the next Winter Classic.

2013 has become the new 2014.


Team Tootoo Comes To Hockeytown

This past weekend Team Tootoo finally made its presence known in the Detroit area.

Not much talk anymore about impact the lockout had on the communities; but one angle that was not touched on often were charity events. Annually the Detroit Red Wings have the Salvation Army Red Kettle bell ringing competitions with players and staff trying to raise money.

Detroit Red Wings Dawning of The New Era

And so it begins…

In just a few hours the NHL will finally drop the puck and start the 2012-2013 season and the Red Wings will officially begin The New Era.

“Sons of Detroit! Of Windsor! My brothers. I see in your eyes the same fear that would take the heart of me. A day may come when the courage of all fails, when we forsake our friends and break all bonds of fellowship, but it is not this day.

The Dawning of The New Era Zetterberg to Lead Red Wings

Long past are the days of the Yzerman Era in Detroit. No longer does Steve Yzerman suit up in a winged wheel; rather now he puts on a suit and is developing the Tampa Bay Lightning.

No longer does Nicklas Lidstrom patrol the blue line in Detroit, leading the Red Wings by example of the greatest defenseman to ever play the game.


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