Postgame: Red Wings @ Kings - 2/27

I'm gonna be fast because it's late.

You don't usually deserve to win a game where you score one fluky goal. It would have been somewhat embarrassing if Kyle Quincey's bouncing mess of a first-period tally was the only goal of the game.

That said, there's a bad feeling about the Kings scoring the tying goal on their third minute of five-on-three in the game, in a game where the Wings saw no five-on-three time. There's something that feels wrong about the Kings tying it up after Dustin Penner wasn't called for his high hit on Brendan Smith, with a goal where the puck came free because of a trip.

The Wings may not have done enough to win this game, but it doesn't seem like the Kings did either.

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Had to let DH.N Bot kick off the game thread 'cause the Wings are unbeaten when he does. And I probably just jinxed it.

Posted by YzerFan19 on 2/27/2013 at 10:03 PM


Kyle Quincey's first goal of the season would be like that.

Posted by YzerFan19 on 2/27/2013 at 10:32 PM


Really solid period, helped a lot by the pair of power plays even if they didn't score on them. Lots of possession. Better than the last game against LA, for sure.

Posted by YzerFan19 on 2/27/2013 at 10:49 PM


Awesome PK. Best of the season.

Posted by YzerFan19 on 2/27/2013 at 11:35 PM


Lead only being one terrifies me but the Wings are playing a really efficient game, especially in the PK. All about positioning.

Posted by YzerFan19 on 2/27/2013 at 11:44 PM


Both of the penalties to put the Wings on that five-on-three were deserved (though the faceoff violation is a stupid rule), but, damn, Kings have had nothing in this game outside of their power plays.

Posted by YzerFan19 on 2/28/2013 at 12:24 AM

Los Angeles Kings

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