The Teams That Played Fewer All-Time Games than the League Has Cancelled

Seth Rorabaugh of Empty Netters points out via Twitter that today's cancellation of games through December 30th means that more NHL games have been cancelled under Commissioner Gary Bettman than have been played by nearly a third of the league's current franchises.

Obviously, that's the nine most recently-added franchises. If you break it down by team (in other words, starting over when a relocation takes place), thirteen of the existing teams have played fewer games than the league has cancelled (the Dallas Stars, Colorado Avalanche, Phoenix Coyotes, and Carolina Hurricanes are added to Rorabaugh's list). Overall, though?

Counting every time a team relocated to a new market as a new team (in other words, the Red Wings are the same team as the Detroit Cougars and Detroit Falcons, but the Phoenix Coyotes are one team despite their "move" to suburban Glendale, and the Brooklyn Americans never left Madison Square Garden so they're the same as the New York Americans), the NHL has had 49 total teams.

As previously stated thirteen of those (San Jose, Tampa Bay, Ottawa, Dallas, Anaheim, Florida, Colorado, Phoenix, Carolina, Nashville, Columbus, Minnesota and Winnipeg) have played fewer than 2224 regular season games. The former teams that fit the bill?

Every single one of them. Here's the breakdown.

Team GP
Atlanta Flames
Atlanta Thrashers
California / Oakland (Golden) Seals
Cleveland Barons
Colorado Rockies
Hamilton Tigers
Hartford Whalers
Kansas City Scouts
Minnesota North Stars
Montreal Maroons 622
Montreal Wanderers 6
New York Americans 784
Ottawa Senators (I) 446
Philadelphia Quakers 44
Pittsburgh Pirates 212
Quebec Bulldogs 24
Quebec Nordiques 1256
St. Louis Eagles 48
Winnipeg Jets (I) 1338

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