Deleted Tweet Says Lidstrom to Retire

Could Nicklas Lidstrom's NHL career be over?

It's a horrifying thought to many Red Wings fans but the idea was given some credence on Wednesday, when the official Twitter account for the Red Wings' Traverse City-based training camps posted the following:

The tweet was deleted within minutes of having been posted and those running the account did not reply when asked about it.

It's possible that the information behind the tweet is incorrect, leading to its deletion. It could also be that it's true but wasn't intended to be announced at this time.

Lidstrom is at Joe Louis Arena today, as noted by the team's official account.

Update - 12:56 PM: It's possible that the original tweet was in response to a comment posted to the Red Wings' official Facebook page. Since deleted, the note said (paraphrasing) "Lidstrom is retiring... to his computer to vote for Pavel Datsyuk on the over of NHL 13." Still no response from the account owners, though.

Thanks to @TheNorm41 for pointing that out (and a handful of others, he was the first I saw).

Update - 2:40 PM: Per George Malik, the Red Wings have confirmed that the tweet was inaccurate. I've heard nothing myself but it makes sense.

As I said on Twitter, this is why deleting tweets is bad form. You can't take back something once it's been said, you can only correct yourself.

Update - 2:44 PM: And now @RedWingsCamps has confirmed as well.

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Nicklas Lidstrom

Nicklas Lidstrom
Credit: Clark Rasmussen

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