Red Wings - Ducks Postgame Notes

One goal on nearly 50 shots isn't gonna cut it most nights, and it didn't cut it tonight for Detroit. Can't be surprised there.

It was a frustrating game in that the Wings seemed to control play for long stretches but Anaheim got all the bounces. Two goals on deflections, one of which may or may not actually have been legal, and one on a broken play.

In all honesty, this kind of game is one you can't take anything from not because the Wings played poorly but because they played well enough to win and just couldn't get the goals. Detroit played a solid game, I can't complain about that.

On the plus side, the one goal the Wings did score was beautiful. Not that it matters for anything, of course.

Pavel Datsyuk

Pavel Datsyuk
Credit: Clark Rasmussen

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