Postgame: Bruins @ Red Wings - Game 4 - 4/24

Well, the Red Wings went from their best period of the series to... Something less.

The first period was amazing. Whether it was due to their backs being up against the wall or the return of Henrik Zetterberg or the other line changes or a need to play better in front of Jonas Gustavsson, who got the start on late notice when Jimmy Howard came down with the flu, Detroit came out strong and had Boston on their heels.

On Detroit's Game Four History

In today's pregame, I included a "Stupid Stat of the Day" about Detroit's Game Four record after winning Game One and losing Games Two and Three. Specifically, that the Red Wings are 5-3 all-time in Game Four after following that pattern in the first three games.


Pregame: Bruins @ Red Wings - Game 4 - 4/24

The Red Wings are expected to get a boost tonight as they host the Boston Bruins in Game Four of their Atlantic Division Semifinal series, with team captain Henrik Zetterberg slated to return to the lineup after being out since the Olympics with a back injury.


Postgame: Bruins @ Red Wings - Game 3 - 4/22

I'm so angry about this game that I don't know where to start.

You know how I said in the pregame that the Bruins could beat the Wings playing the Wings' game? We saw that, tonight. Boston had the puck all night. Detroit never had a chance.

Yeah, if you want to spin it as one soft goal, a bad line change, and an empty-netter, you can make it look not as bad for Detroit.

Pregame: Bruins @ Red Wings - Game 3 - 4/22

The big news as the Red Wings' first-round series with the Boston Bruins shifts to Detroit is that the Wings will be without forward Daniel Alfredsson, whose back issues have flared up again. Joakim Andersson takes his spot in the lineup, making his first appearance of the postseason.


Postgame: Red Wings @ Bruins - Game 2 - 4/20

I thought I had said it in the pregame post but I went into this game expecting a Detroit loss. It would have been absolutely shocking (in a good way) to see the Bruins drop the opening pair of games at home. And if you'd told me on Friday afternoon that it would be 1-1 going to Detroit, I'd have taken it.


Pregame: Red Wings @ Boston - Game 2 - 4/20

After a 1-0 win in Game One on Friday, the Red Wings can take a stranglehold on their Atlantic Division Semifinal series with the Boston Bruins today, as a win would send them back to Detroit holding a 2-0 series lead.

Boston will have the services of Milan Lucic, who was not suspended by the NHL for his spear between the legs of Danny DeKeyser in the first period of Game One.


On Playoff Format Quibbles

I should know better than to argue with a Ryan Lambert piece on Puck Daddy, but I have a bone to pick with his declaration of the NHL's new playoff format as a failure two days into the playoffs.


The Ends Justify The Means

It went unpunished last night and I really don't expect supplemental discipline today, but Milan Lucic's spear between the legs of Danny DeKeyser is still generating buzz.


Postgame: Red Wings @ Bruins - Game One - 4/18

So I'm still having trouble putting thoughts together about the Red Wings' Game One win in Boston but I'll give it a shot...

The cliche thing to say is that it's only one game but it's true. For all we know, Detroit's 1-0 win awakens a sleeping beast and the Bruins win the next four straight.


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